Cunningham, T.*, Klemmer, K.*, Wen, H., Ferhatosmanoglu, H.
GeoPointGAN: Synthetic Spatial Data with Local Label Differential Privacy
[Paper] [Code]
Reiersen, G., Dao, D., Lütjens, B., Klemmer, K., Amara, K., Steinegger, A., Zhang, C., Zhu, X.X.
ReforesTree: A Dataset for Estimating Tropical Forest Carbon Stock with Deep Learning and Aerial Imagery
Conference Paper @ AAAI'22
[Paper] [Code]
Klemmer, K.*, Xu, T.*, Acciaio, B., Neill, D.B.
SPATE-GAN: Improved Generative Modeling of Dynamic Spatio-Temporal Patterns with an Autoregressive Embedding Loss
Conference Paper @ AAAI'22
[Paper] [Code] [Blog]


Klemmer, K., Safir, N., Neill, D.B.
Positional Encoder Graph Neural Networks for Geographic Data
[Paper] [Code]
Luo, M., Du B., Klemmer, K., Zhu, H., Wen, H.
Deployment Optimization for Shared e-Mobility Systems with Multi-agent Deep Neural Search
IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems
Klemmer, K., Neill, D.B.
Auxiliary-task learning for geographic data with autoregressive embeddings
Conference Paper @ SIGSPATIAL'21
[Paper] [Code]
Reiersen, G., Dao, D., Lütjens, B., Klemmer, K., Zhu, X.X., Zhang, C.
Tackling the Overestimation of Forest Carbon with Deep Learning and Aerial Imagery
Workshop Paper @ ICML'21 (Spotlight)
Klemmer, K., Saha, S., Kahl, M., Xu, T., Zhu, X.X.
Generative modeling of spatio-temporal weather patterns with extreme event conditioning
Workshop Paper @ ICLR'21
Klemmer, K., Neill, D.B., Jarvis, S.A.
Understanding Spatial Patterns in Rape Reporting Delays
Royal Society Open Science
Koshiyama, A., Kazim, E., Treleaven, P., Rai, P., Szpruch, L., Pavey, G., Ahamat, G., Leutner, F., Goebel, R., Knight, A, Adams, J., Hitrova, C., Barnett, J., Nachev, P., Barber, D., Chamorro-Premuzic, T., Klemmer, K., Gregorovic, M., Khan, S., Lomas, E.
Towards Algorithm Auditing: A Survey on Managing Legal, Ethical and Technological Risks of AI, ML and Associated Algorithms
SSRN Preprint [Paper]


Luo, M., Du B., Klemmer, K., Zhu, H., Ferhatosmanoglu, H., Wen, H.
D3P: Data-Driven Demand Prediction for Fast Expanding Electric Vehicle Sharing Systems
Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies (IMWUT)
[Paper] [Video]
Klemmer, K., Yeboah, G., Porto de Albuquerque, J., Jarvis, S.A.
Population Mapping in Informal Settlements with High-Resolution Satellite Imagery and Equitable Ground-Truth
Workshop Paper @ ICLR'20


Klemmer, K., Koshiyama, A., Flennerhag S.
Augmenting Correlation Structures in Spatial Data Using Deep Generative Models
[Paper] [Code] [Slides]
Luo, M., Wen, H., Luo, Y., Du, B., Klemmer, K., Zhu, H.
Demand Prediction for Electric Vehicle Sharing


Klemmer, K., Brandt, T., and Jarvis, S.A.
Isolating the effect of cycling on local business environments in London
[Paper] [Poster]
Klemmer, K., Neill, D.B., Jarvis, S.A.
Modeling Rape Reporting Delays Using Spatial, Temporal and Social Features
Workshop Paper @ NeurIPS'18 (Oral)
[Paper] [Poster]
Munoz-Mendez, F.*, Klemmer, K.*, Han, K., Jarvis, S.A.
Community structures, interactions and dynamics in London’s bicycle sharing network
Workshop Paper @ UbiComp'18 (Oral)
[Paper] [Code] [Blog]


Willing, C., Klemmer, K., Brandt, T., and Neumann, D.
Moving in Time and Space – Location Intelligence for Carsharing Decision Support
Decision Support Systems


Klemmer, K., Willing, C., Wagner, S., and Brandt, T.
Explaining Spatio-Temporal Dynamics in Carsharing: A Case Study of Amsterdam
Conference Paper @ AMCIS'16 (Oral)

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